Taylor Swift. Enough Said.

How much power does T-swizzle really have?

Is she a member of the Illuminati?


There are MANY conspiracy theories on Taylor Swift and everything that surrounds her. While some of these theories seem a little far fetched you’ll find that they also make so much sense it’s hard not to believe them.

Let’s start with T-swizzle and the immense amount of control/power she carries around in a purse with her lipstick, in every shade of red.

Taylor Swift has been known to have major control of social media and even some companies, like Apple. There have been many examples of this “control.” Swift has been known to get videos, on popular sites like YouTube, deleted because they portray the wrong image of her. She has even been known to “convince” companies to change policies.

One example of this was Shane Dawson’s Blank Space Parody video. It was taken down because of “copy right issues.” Dawson has posted several parodies of famous celebrities including there “music,” in which all of the original words have been changed. Just like the Taylor Swift parody, so why was that one the only one taken down?

This second example is pretty crazy. Taylor Swift reportedly got Apple to change its policy on paying the artists for the content that was being listened to on Apple Music. Swift wrote a very business type email to Apple after she pulled all of her music from Spotify. The email stated that Taylor believed that the artist should be receiving more benefits for the music being on Apple Music. Because it was their artistic property not Apple’s. The day after this email was published Apple changed their policies to pay the artists more. Taylor then began showing up the Apple commercials…

coincidence or conspiracy?

Illuminati connections?

Here goes….if you don’t believe in the Illuminati just skip this section. However, if you’re reading this blog hopefully you do.

Let’s just start with the number 13.

  • 13 is a very important number to the Illuminati.
  • There are reported to be 13 major families in the Illuminati (including the Kennedy’s).
  • Taylor was born December 13, 1989.
  • Taylor was born on FRIDAY the 13th.
  • Taylor says 13 is her lucky number and used to always have it written on her hand.
  • Taylor has been known to make sure that her albums have exactly 13 songs, when normally there would be 12 or 14.

Now all of those “coincidences” seem a little odd to begin with.

Now let’s move on to her initiation into the Illuminati.

You remember the famous interruption VMA speech by Kanye West? If not click here.

Let’s dissect this video.

  • Taylor was wearing a silver dress. Silver is a color that represents innocence.
  • Kanye is a rumored member of the Illuminati.
  • Beyonce who is thought to be one of the largest members of the Illuminati was wearing a red dress. Red is one of the most important colors of the Illuminati.
  • Taylor was humiliated in front of pretty much the entire world. In order to be initiated into the Illuminati you have to go through a public humiliation and handle it “well.”
  • Late on during the VMA’s Beyonce comes on stage (in red) and has Taylor come on stage to finish her acceptance speech. Taylor comes out in a red dress.

In addition to these examples Taylor Swift has also been connected to the Kennedy’s. A family that is rumored to be one of the 13 families in the Illuminati.

You can take these observations as coincidences but many believe that this is proof that Taylor Swift is a member of the Illuminati.

What do you think? Does Taylor Swift really have an immense amount of power? Is she a part of the Illuminati?

Leave it in the comments below.
Check out these videos for more info on Taylor Swift:
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Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theories – Michelle Platti
Photo Citation:
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