Everything is not what it seems…

I’ve always been a skeptic.
I’ve always questioned everything.



I am the youngest of two daughters. My older (6 years) sister, Lacy, was always watching shows like “Ancient Aliens,” “Truth or Scare,” “Ghost Hunters,” and “Unsealed.” Because I always wanted to be involved in whatever she was doing I started watching these shows at a pretty young age. I was always extremely intrigued by it but didn’t give it much thought because I was so young.

As I got older I continued to watch theses shows on my own and get into other mediums like YouTube and blogs. I think the story that really got me was John Wilkes Booth and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. I was 12 years old when I saw a documentary on the conspiracy that John Wilkes Booth was never found after the assassination. I was so intrigued by this that I even used it as my topic for a research paper at school.

Obviously since then I have encountered a ton of conspiracy theories that keep me up at night. Everything from the famous Mandela Effect, any assassination in history, celebrities, to the Illuminati.

I have become so interested in different conspiracies and I enjoy talking to people about what they think of them. So I decided what better way to interact with other conspiracy theorists than creating a blog to talk about all of the insane theories going around.

Feel free to leave comments about any conspiracy that you would like to see a post on. I am always looking for new theories.

x kacey




Photo Citation:
Sponge, Mouldy. Drugs and conspiracy theories. Digital Image. Sketchport. 2015. https://www.sketchport.com/drawing/4977201862672384/drugs-and-conspiracy-theories. Feb. 23, 2017.

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